it’s 2016.
raise your hand if you
thought wifi would be
free by now.

lol. us too…

Welcome to

Main Street


Connecting Communities

WiFi should be free and it should be everywhere.   We are connecting communities across America with free public wifi.


By collaborating with local and national sponsors, we are able to provide free wifi at no cost to the city, the community, or its citizens.


Our community model of public Internet access coupled with our unique sponsorship platform provides endless opportunities for civic, commercial, and cultural engagement.  

MainStreet WiFi is more than simply a way to get online. We endeavour to connect people in a community not only to the Internet, but to each other, to local businesses as well as global brands, and to bridge the digital divide ensuring that the sum of human knowledge is accessible to all.


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don’t see your home court?

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We would love to hear from you!  We want to provide our free WiFi service throughout the country and you can help by letting us know that you would like our service in your hometown.  So contact us today!


MainStreet WiFi
200 South Biscayne Boulevard
Suite 2790 , Miami FL 33131